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for (sun) smart women

Melanoma is the

third most common cancer in Australian women.

It also kills more young people in our country than any other single cancer. So, why aren't Millennials and Gen Z-ers embracing sun safety?

There's no denying sun safety has an image problem.

Influencers glamourise sunbaking on Instagram like it's their job. (Sometimes it is.) Brands sell tanning accelerators using snaps of babes with suntan lines. 

Call Time On Melanoma is where sun safety gets sexy.

We're for daily SPF, sun shirts and regular skin checks but we're also for glitter eyeshadow, "felt cute, won't delete later" selfies and every Lizzo song, ever.

We believe knowledge is power, so you can count on us to give you the facts.

(See: Our FAQ page for melanoma myth-busting.) We've got beauty editor-approved sunscreen recommendations and 🌞 self-care strategies too.

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